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What if? The Mindset Of The Prepper

What if I there would be some type of natural disaster and you would have to stay inside your home...
What if there would be some type of power break down of the grid and you would have no electricity... 
What if there would be some type of unseen event that would cause immediate threat to our survival and health as human beings...

This could range from infections and diseases to yet unknown natural phenomena.

Would you be able to be self reliant?
Just imagine the break down of the power grid and all the devices in your house that would not be able to function and work anymore. What would you do?
What would you do if there would be something in our water supply or food that would cause a big threat to each and everyone of us? 

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I have never been. But just think about it for a second. 
Where does your water come from?
Where does your food come from?
Where does your power come from? 
Where does the gas for your car come from? 

I assume that, like most of the people in society, you have paid for all of these things to get these services back to you. 
Do you know how to clean your water? 
Do you know how to preserve and grow your own food? 
Do you know how to generate power without the Grid? 

Do you know about nature's remedies and herbs that may help you to overcome diseases and infections? What do you know about stinging nettles and its healing properties?

Write it down,... each and every single service you use every single day. From your water to your food, from your gas to power and so on. 
Then you will see that we are 110% dependent on society and its services by paying money.
We have forgotten way too many things and we are looking for the newest car, more money, a better job and more devices that make life in modern society more comfortable.
But do they free us? 

Do you still grind your coffee beans by hand? 
Do you make your own bread?
And are you able to chop firewood? 
Do you use mechanical devices like mechanical Juicers or do you use something that requires more electricity and power, and in return, more money in order to use these services?

What if you would experience a major blizzard and, when you live in a rural environment, you can't leave your house?
Do you know how to fix your house on your own, what do you know about its safety and construction? And insulation?
Can you repair and fix your car if you need to?

Living an easier life means a lot of hard work and the end of the modern way of life... sitting 95% of our time in cars and in seats. We will have to get out and do the work on our own. We will have to take a stand and learn to do things on our own without paying money to get the service. Instead do it yourself. Learn how to do it. 
You don't have the time to do it?
I understand you do not have the time to do it. Because we all have to work harder and more to be able to afford our highly dependent but comfortable living standard. 
If something like the events mentioned above would happen, you would know how to help yourself.
And furthermore, how to help others when they are in need. You could teach them how to help themselves.
 Wouldn't that make you and others feel much safer with all the things going on in this world?

People walk around and call people that are preppers crazy or nuts, but if something happens, like a Hurricane, everyone will be suddenly thankful for their knowledge, advice and help.