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How to become Self Sufficient? Attempts and Solutions

Every small step is a step towards Self Sufficient Living. Every step is equally important.
No matter where you are and no matter who you are, everyone can start right now to do something about becoming more self sufficient. 
There are many solutions and options as well as skills that you can learn about and start putting your knowledge into practice. After all, this is what will make you more independent and free. 
But with independency comes a prices.... a lot of responsibility. 

There are many things that I have tried to put into practice and I will explain important step on how to become self sufficient.
You do not need a big farm with 50 acres. Even if you are living in the city you can start educating yourself about urban gardening and container gardening. You can use a lot of open space in your house or apartment to grow some food and herbs. Use your walls, for example. Use the space on your patio or porch. Get some containers and you can almost grow everything, even indoors during the winter season. 

You could start heating with wood, getting firewood from somewhere is really not much of a big deal and you can do so much with it. I have used a big wood stove during the autumn and winter time and let me tell you that it saved me a lot of bills over these months.
Cooking, baking, heating, boiling hot water. Everything is possible. It might cost a bit. But it is definitely worth it!

Educating yourself about wild edibles, wild vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and so on will save you a lot of money and will bring a lot more food on your table than you might imagine. Hunting for edible mushrooms is a great, interesting hobby and it will teach you a lot about wild edibles and nature itself. 

It will bring you closer to the seasons and closer to yourself. 
There are so many forgotten wild vegetables out there, from horseradish to wild garlic and leeks, carrots and other roots that you can use for cooking. Educate yourself about the area in which you are living in and start going outdoors. Explore!
I hunt for a lot of mushrooms and fruits every year. I have got enough jelly and jam over the winter season because I pick a lot of berries and preserve them.

For bigger spaces and homes, you can start doing permaculture gardening, from Huegelkultur to Raised Bed Gardening, you will have many options open for your property and even with little effort  work you can produce a lot of food with the knowledge and insight of permaculture. Begin to realize that in order to work successfully with nature, you have to learn and understand, observe the connections within in nature, instead of fighting it with our very limited rational mindset of today.
There are many different ways of gardening and many different solutions for every property and landscape, observe and learn... but I can tell you from my own experience, that a raised bed will make gardening almost effortless and a lot easier than you might imagine. Explore your own ways and be creative!

Start building up connections to like minded people, share experience and knowledge, help each other out in times of need. Share vegetables against firewood, or jelly against fruits, the possibilities are open and there. You just have to learn to recognize them. 

If you have the financial options, start looking for solar and wind power, even for a small cabin or simply to use solar power for your light bulbs outside in the garden. Every step is equally important and there are many small types of solar panels that you can use for small spaces.
Look out for so called sun chasers, solar heaters for your warm water. 
This is a very broad topic and there is so much learn about that I could go on and on and I could fill books about it, but for right now, it is all about the small steps and options towards becoming more self sufficient. 
Simple mindmapping.

Perhaps you could go outdoors and start exploring natural water springs that is clean and pure and drinkable. That is what I did in Austria and again, I have found many water springs and water that was pure and of excellent quality. 

Educate about forgotten skills that you might want to learn about. Craftsmanship of skills that most people forgot about, learn to repair equipment, a car, kitchen supplies and so on. It will be worth it and will make you even more independent. No one can ever take away your craftsmanship and your knowledge. 

All of these steps are solutions and options that you can start to put it into practice right now. I know that there are a lot of people stuck in the city there are lots of options out there for urban gardening and using permaculture to your own advantage in a city. There are solutions everywhere. 
Of course there is a lot more to it and there are so many other skills such as taking care of livestock, beekeeping, processing of food and canning, and so on. But these steps are for people that already are into this way of life. 

No matter how you want to twist and turn it, with responsibility and some dedication and passion, you can become more independent and you can become a more free human individual. 
Do not ever think that there are no solutions to your situation. It will limit you. After all, this is not what self sufficient living is all about, right?
The first and most important step, though, is your state of mind and soul. Stay focused and be curios!