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Introduction to PANS LAIR HERBS

PANS LAIR HERBS is my own dream on fulfilling an inner quest of mine. It is my way of practicing my passion and love for nature and its elements. It is my way of reaching out to those individuals whom feel the inner spark, that is still inside of each and everyone of us. Herbalism is and always was a big and essential part of european spirituality and folklore.
So many plants and herbs have been named after mythological beings that represent certain forces, elements and other phenomena in nature.

Nature has always been an important part of my life, as the bavarian Alps are a very magical place with a very strong atmosphere and aura, including lots of rare wildlife and herbs as well as very old tradition. In my teenage years I have become more interested in ancient european tribes, its history and folklore and European Witchcraft. That interest, of course, has lead me to study and get to know my very own folklore and Germanic history on my own terms. And I could do that with my eyes and heart wide open, just by walking around in the mountains,… as there are many places that reveal old European spirituality and its old, mostly forgotten wisdom of the wise Kräuterfrauen and Hagazussa.

I want to provide the best herbal alchemy and cosmetics possible, but I would like to see you smile while holding the final product in your hand and in order to reach that goal I will take care of each ingredient myself, ensuring that everything is beautifully handcrafted, as well as each ingredient being 100% pure and free from harmful or toxic additives.

With PANS LAIR HERBS, my products reflect nothing but my love and passion for nature and are thus representation of my own personal path towards understanding, wisdom and developing a sincere relationship with nature and its powers through my own culture. What you see is who I am. It is where I am coming from and how I have always lived.

My spirituality is the way I am living and PANS LAIR HERBS is my ultimate offering to all the people out there, that feel the same longing, fascination and dedication to that mystery we all call nature.