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The rebellious Archetype

The rebellious Archetype can be found in many old Mythologies and most of the time, they are connected to the dark side of life, which means they are connected to powers such as Chaos, Destruction and Darkness.
Three things that have been completely misunderstood and condemned by modern minds and also misunderstood by a lot of people into Spirituality as well.
What do you think of, when you hear the word Rebellion? Let's be honest, we all think of some violent, drunk Hooligan, wanting to beat people up, don't we?
When you study these Entities and their mythological background, you will find out that they are connected to these chaotic powers.
One of the major problems in the modern world is the fundamental definition of Good and Evil, which is, of course, so because of Christianity. This religious dualism has its roots in ancient Egypt, the worship of Jahwe and Aschera. Have you ever studied old Pharaoh Leaders? There was no line between the leading power of a Pharaoh and that of God. They were God. They had to be worshipped. When you study the old Prophet Zarathustra, you begin to realize that the old, pagan Religions did not have a divided worldview of Good and Evil, it is introduced much, much later in History.
And it has been used to divide, to conquer, and to control people.
And until this day, we people seem to always be "against" something. It is always the "I am versus" - Mindset in Religion, Politics, Philosophy, Spirituality and Subcultures that is ever present in peoples minds.
Some people "need" to be against something in order to BE something. They founded their entire personality and identity on it, their lives philosophy is dependent on it.

Chaos, as a mythological and spiritual force, is something that can be found in nature. It is associated with the destruction of the old, the unhealthy, the sick and ill. But, first and foremost, it also is the power and driving force of creation and evolution.
Let's take Kali Maa' as an example. The hindu Goddess in Mythology and Folk Lore is a lovely, yet fearful Mother. She is ever present in everything, every stone, every tree, every child, every animal. She is the Mother of everything. Yet this lovely Mother, who loves all her children, has a destructive side to it. Why?
In order to rebuilt the old. To establish and to create. She gives birth, nurtures life and then destroys it in an never ending cycle. Some modern New Age Groups only want to see her destructive force and associate it with a "Anti - Everything" - Attitude, which is sad, but that again shows that people somehow cannot get over the dualistic way of thinking. Good and Evil and Black and White is always present, always there.

These Gods were rebellious Gods because they overcome stagnation, and thus, choose to become.
They seek self development and they seek independency. They are highly individualistic, they go against the mainstream.

This archetype is, as I believe, something that is buried deep inside of us. Why? Because we Humans are all Individuals. We all think individually, we perceive and feel individually.
Yet somehow, we have established all these things, ... Societies, Groups, organized Religions, Subcultures, Movements, Trends, Ideologies, that are NOT individualistic when each and every single Human being would think like them. They have been made up in order to control people and to lead them into a specific direction.
And most of these Societies are "against" something. It is true, really. Think about it.
I believe, that in nature everything and everyone is basically like a seed and it transforms into a tree in its later life. No tree is the same. They are all different. But the origin, the essence, is the very same.

We have Media worldwide, telling us to perceive the world and all its events through their Eyes, and we rely on their reports and their words. We have books, teachers, leaders, telling us what to think, what to believe and how to live our lives. And if we don't, we will be hated and shunned. Because, "they are against something".
We have so many Subcultures that do the very same thing, but they do not recognize it as such. I have seen a Metalhead-Fan throwing a Beer bottle against a woman once, because she chose to wear blue Jeans at a Metal concert, the Guy in full Metal Leather Clothes, Long Hair and Boots said that "she turned into Mainstream now", not realizing that it is he himself, who looks like each and everyone in this Subculture.

Can you be yourself? Do you know who you really are, without having to turn to a Religion, a Group, a Society to truly define yourself?
The chaotic force in Mythology is a force that describes the fall from Illusion, that is your opinions, your convictions, your personal weaknesses, your addictions, all of your ideologies, worldviews, all of your beliefs.
It means to reach a certain point in your life, where you realize who you really are. And you are not afraid to be who you really are, without having to rely on others or manmade Systems.
It describes a process of finding out your true self, beyond that which has been taught to you by so called Leaders and Teachers.
It means to question everything. Everything you are part of. And when you do, you may find out that you are leading a life that is 100% dependent on others, their opinions and what they want you to be. And that you chose to be what they want you to be.

When you reach that point in your life, you will have to let go of past so called illusions, things you have been taught by others. You will learn to question everything and to think for yourself. That is the Archetype of these mythological Beings, the rebellious Spirit.

So, it has got nothing to do with violence.
It has got to do with being self reliant and self sufficient. Because being independent from people means to be free and that no one can oppress you or turn you into a slave. When you can be yourself, you know who you are and what you want you do not feel the need to go conform with people with seek to establish a society or group where each and everyone is supposed to be "of the same mindset".
You may seek the discussion in order to learn and to develop certain views, but you do not want to obey to any of them.

And life in our materialistic modern society has become a world where we people are supposed to lead a certain lifestyle to always goes into the same direction. Sure, we have subcultures and lots of religious groups, but where are you free to question everything? Not even in modern science.

Being a rebellious spirit means to question...
What is in your food? What is in your water? What do you eat? Why do you do what you do? Where do your opinions truly originate from? From yourself?

In a modern world where uncertainty is ever present, being independent and living self sufficient is truly fulfilling and gives an extra option. If food prices get rocket high, and water is polluted, if there is yet another food-scandal, and our money-debt-system is in crisis, if there are people enraged in every day life, being unhappy in our fast paced modern world. What could be more fulfilling than being independent?

If you do grow your own food, if you go hunting or fishing, if you do know where to get your water supply, how to clean it and make it drinkable, if you know how to repair your house, your car, your equipment, if you know how to preserve food, canning, identifying herbs and plants, if you can chop your own firewood, if you know how to...
you are leading your own life with your own hands and your own will.
You are being self responsible. You can say Yes or No. To me, this is most important.