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Living in Tune with Nature

An interesting word, a term that we use a lot. But...
What do we mean?
This term is universal, it describes everything and nothing at the same time. From the Kingdom of the Fungi, the mushrooms and their biological work beneath the soil, their connection to the trees and their symbiotic relationships to animals, the huge diversity and intelligence of the plants, to all wildlife and different types of landscapes, elements and seasons, up to the stars and the infinite, creative force of the Universe, the Stars, the Galaxies.
And us, somewhere in-between. Us Humans.

Nature is everything and nothing at once. The entire creation of the Universe, the powers and forces of all Planets, ours included. And the beauty and the big mystery of all life that grows and lives on our soil and under water.
Nature, that is us, ourselves, we are nature, we were created by this mysterious creative force of nature.
And everything, absolutely everything, is inter connected and lives in a symbiotic relationship with each other.

This "thing" called nature, created us, the elements, the trees, water, plants, herbs, birds, ants, deer, and so on and so on... and something that is the most important in order to grasp the infinite power of nature.

Without it, we could not grow, learn, perceive, acknowledge. Consciousness, it seems, is a fundamental key to nature and evolution. It seems to be like some sort of internal network, a entity, that we all share and we all experience. We all have it. We all experience it every single day. From the day of our birth, and even before, we had consciousness.

Consciousness allows us to ask questions, to establish sciences, and knowledge. Consciousness allows us to perceive nature.

Have you ever walked through a forest in the early morning hours, with crisp and clear air, walking through the Fog and feeling this empowering force flowing you, telling you that this... this is our origin, our source, the spring of all life, your mind is a part of a bigger mind, your consciousness can perceive other forms of consciousness, you can connect with everything that grows, lives, and breathes, through your other and inner senses based on one thing...

You can feel that everything lives. The trees do not have an Ego like you and me. But they have a certain type of intelligence, exactly like the mushrooms and the plants. Many herbs and animals do have a fantastic defense mechanism, they can sense your presence and that of their hunters.

When allowing yourself to feel these feelings and to open up your senses, you may begin to realize that everything is like a seed of consciousness.
We all have to act, learn, grow, experience. You and me. We all do that. We all grow over the years... into something bigger, larger, more complex, more understanding.

And this is how I experience my spirituality. This is how I experience nature and living a life with nature.
When I forage for wild edibles, in the Forest, when I chop my own Firewood, smelling the sap and pine needles, when I do gardening, pulling out weeds, practicing permaculture, letting nature do its work and realizing how all the elements work with each other, everything becomes like a big, mysterious dance of creation, of all life and beyond. A dance of nature.

Did I need a book? No.
Did I need a Organization and a teacher telling me what to do? No.
Just nature and your own mind. That is all.

This is why I am doing all this.
This is why I love taking walks in the woods, chopping wood, growing vegetables and eating my own fruits, herbs and vegetables. You begin to connect on a far deeper level. I feel healthier, and mental and spiritually more at ease, calm, with a clear mind...

Nature is the All and nothing at the same time. And nowadays? It seems to be something mechanical, something like a robot, it has become foreign to us, we have removed ourselves, and thus, we have removed ourselves from our own origin, but most importantly, also from ourselves.

The one who sits alone in the Forest, taking a look inwards while, at the same time, recognizing all the life around us, may still know that you can connect with it all, from deep within. And when you do, you can ask questions, and answers will come. From deep within.
Not from a book. Not from a teacher, but yourself. From Nature and consciousness.

And when I say that my Passion is Hobby Farming, and I love it all, the Gardening, the Harvest, the Foraging, the experience of the seasons and the elements, one could argue that it is my way of expressing my passion for this existence, and again, Nature.