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Finding the right property

Relocation and Search for Property

Well, I have had a pretty natural life back in Bavaria, but now that I live in Arizona we have to think about where it is that we want to establish our Life on a Hobby Farm.
We have had long nights discussing this, and endless hours of researching and getting information.

We are working on establishing our own Hobby Farm and grow our own food, generate our own power. I want to go hunting and fishing and experiment a little bit with growing food through landscaping with permaculture.

Here some things that one has to consider when purchasing a rural property:


My wife was born in Ohio and we thought a long time about getting property in the Appalachian part of Ohio. Economy is bad there though and lots of farms do complain about poor quality of water. Pollution seems to be very high.
Then we have friends in the northern parts of Pennsylvania that live a little bit self sufficient. Pennsylvania is beautiful for sure, but the population density and the fracking is something that freaks us out.
There are many, many things one has to consider such as;

Landscape and Environment (Elevation, Weather, Climate, Desert, Mountain, Forest)
Natural Ressources (Ground water, water springs, fertile soil...)
Property Tax and Overall Tax Burden
Local Economy and Jobs
Population Density
The States Laws
Environmental issues (for example Arizona and its drought)
Local Real Estate Market

Since water is one of the most important resources, we knew that we have to leave the State of Arizona. For quite some time we were doing some research into the White Mountains and the Flagstaff Area... but the wildfires up there every summer are outrageous. Of course it would be convenient to us, no doubts about that.

Personally, since I am a norse man by heart and me having moved here from the Alps, I am very much attracted to states like

Minnesota - abundance of natural resources, some parts suffer from high unemployment though
Wisconsin - one of the heaviest taxed states in the entire United States but lots of german heritage and beautiful nature
Maine - poor economy, but beautiful nature and low population density
Alaska - Can it get more expensive? Can it get more beautiful?
Idaho - we are not sure about this state yet... it is very beautiful but I sometimes have a feeling that the drought will hit Idaho as well. I do not know. We have to visit Idaho I suppose.

Another State would be
Tennessee - Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau, very conservative state, very fertile soil, but poor Economy in the East from what we have learned.

And the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Area of Marquette.

Then, of course, you have to look up properties in your price range and its features such as barn, acreage, water availability, wood stove, overall insulation of the house, is solar or wind energy an option? And so on...
Are you willing to purchase a fixer upper? Are you willing to renovate? How far away is the closest town? What the local community like? What are the local natural resources that you can use and benefit from?

It is very, very difficult to figure things out but it is also very exciting.

Is there a perfect place? Obviously not at all. It comes down to your priorities and what risks you can take and which you can not. At the same time, you want to be 100% sure where you would like to live, though. So that you won't regret anything later.

We will reveal the final location of our property at a later time.