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The Ways Of The Old

What could be possibly learn from tribes all around the world that have lived in harmony with the seasons and nature?
The modern world seems to be divided, torn apart and chaotic in its essence. Instead of unity and being connected to each and everyone and everything, there is good and evil, right or wrong, black and white.

You might get punished for wrong beliefs and wrong opinions, you might get rewarded for choosing the "right type of beliefs" as well.
But isn't there this strange feeling to it? That we as human individuals forget about our own common sense and judgement?

Society does strange things to people, that is for sure. There is group pressure everywhere. And where there is group pressure, there is a lack of individuality. Isn't it? It is all the time about something that is "versus". The intent of dualism is to divide. This is "us", and there is "them. "We", the good people, "them", the bad people.

With that way of thinking, it really is no wonder why modern people wake up and feel that they have alienated themselves from life and nature. But they awaken and they realize that they have lost their own identity and personality in something that they refer to as society... be it political, religious, esoteric, philosophical, subcultural, etc.

From what I have learned and what I know about my european ancestors, we as human beings were part of something that is sacred and divine.
Something that is sacred and divine, and that is our own mother earth, nature and the cosmos. The cycles and the seasons, the elements and everything that has came out of the great, big, mystery that we call "nature".

Being part of that something that is divine and sacred, we ourselves are a seed of the divine spirit.
Everything in nature, so it was believed, is there to grow, rise above and to develop... to gain understanding and wisdom through experience... to become... to learn... to experience all levels of existence and consciousness... we ourselves were viewed like trees with roots that reach deep down into the soil, while we grow upwards with every day and every thought and emotion, every experience in this life and beyond.

Truth was something that you have to earn through experience. Truth was something that belongs to you. Your very own truth. Your very own understanding of life and the cosmos. This makes you special and unique. This is what nature wanted. That you become and learn and rise above, that you grow upwards like a tree. A unique and special tree.

To communicate with the divine, it was believed that you can simply ask nature and the trees, the animals and the spirits that reside within everyone and everything. The eternal consciousness that is beyond everything. It is the essence that connects everything to each other.

Just go out.. take a walk in the forest. You do not need a book. You do not need any teacher. You do not have to follow beliefs or organizations. Just trust your own feelings, emotions and thoughts for a second. Do you think that animals feel and think? So do you. Do you think that plants perhaps can communicate and do have some type of awareness? They do. You can back that up with modern science even. Just do some research.

With the rise of dualism, the divine spirit was something that was no longer to be found within us or mother earth. Instead we had to fight, conquer and divide the world in good and evil, black and white.

I am not saying that natural tribes did not have any morals and codes, they did. But they also knew that mother earth is around us and within us. It is a symbiotic unity.

That we are exactly like a seed... we grow and learn, we experience and learn to understand, we become a tree that is unique and divine, and this divine tree is rooted into a divine soil, into something bigger, that exceeds our limited understanding and intellect.

Feel your connection and receive understanding from within. Learn to trust your own instinct. True answers come from within yourself.
Books and teachers can inspire you. But they have to inspire you to think for yourself and to become yourself...

Odin had to sacrifice his Ego, and he hung there... he had to travel deep down into darkness to find light and wisdom. In the old european mindset, we are him.
If you want to understand yourself, your origins... You have to look what is beyond the veil, what is buried and hidden deep inside of you. Learn about what is hidden in nature and the elements and within yourself.

And today?
We fight nature and we fight the elements.
We fight people.

We can still learn a lot, I suppose.

All pictures taken by me.