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Of forgotten Skills, Knowledge and Independency

To some people living in a modern world and a modern society which is fast paced, and focused on money and materialism, buying and consuming is not good enough to fulfill their lives and

We live in a modern society, let's face it. We are but a number in the system, working in order pay off debts, our own personal debts and that of the entire economic system. We go to school, and get educated on how to survive in this society. But we don't go to school in order to learn how to be independent, nor do we learn about nature and its powers, we don't know how to grow our own food and wild edibles such as herbs, mushrooms and wild vegetables, we don't know about our connection anymore, our role in nature.
Skills and knowledge that used to be everyday life and very common among people, in order to survive and live with the seasons, is almost completely gone and long forgotten.

In order to survive we have to take a step back and think.
We have to realize that we cannot abuse nature any longer without risking our own survival.
You might ask; who is at fault here?

It is not the fault of one person or a group.
But it is the fault of an entire Zeitgeist, dominating the mind of the people.
It is the Zeitgeist of both religious fanaticism in which nature is below God and only there to be taken advantage of. Where the world is divided between good and evil, black and white instead of unity with everything.

And it is the Zeitgeist of materialism.
A world where either the soul and spiritual world is far away, removed from us and our world and nature. Where we a cut off from this sacred consciousness and we have to fulfill certain rules, commands and follow a certain ideology.
Or a world where no soul and spirituality exists at all.
Where consciousness is just a product of the human brain... and the entire world is just mechanics, like a robot preprogrammed to fulfill its duty. Where we exist to do business and unlimited success such as demonstrated by the mass media is our highest goal in life.

We have entertainment industry. We can go to parties, consume anything we would like, a new car, we can exchange both girls and men like a piece of jewelry with someone new, we have subcultures of all kinds... music subcultures from hip hop to metal, from gothic to techno, we have subcultures of art, philosophy, hobbies, sports, esoteric views and so on. We have created all kinds of societies with dress codes, rules and a closed worldview that we have to follow in order to fit right in.

But what do we do about ourselves and our own development? How many people do know about chopping wood? How many people can grow their own food and learn about gardening and its secrets? How many do know about the cosmos and the planets and even how they interact with animals and even plants? Why do we learn all the time about societies where we have to give up a part of our free thinking and individuality in order to fit right in so that we may be granted the feeling of acceptance?

Why is our own independency something that we do not care as much about as we care about what other people think, wear, do and say and what they think is right or wrong?
Yes, we are responsible for everything we do. Yes, in order to experience independency we have to be even more responsible for everything we do.

Everywhere I go I see people that are not independent. And they do it because it is easy and they feel save. They feel protected. And they do not realize that they get manipulated and abused at the same time by people who want power, control and influence. Just going to a concert of some band might be enough to figure that out. In Germany we have these heavy metal festivals. I am sure that you have heard about them. Just go there... these people literally preach independence, rebellion and freedom in their music.
But they suddenly look, behave, dress all the same there. They have become what they want to rebel against. It has become empty and shallow. It is just another industry.

It is amazing how we have become dependent on literally everything and everyone. We pay to get our own water, we pay to get our food, we pay to get electricity, we pay to get insurance... we pay for everything.
And how much do we actually DO ON OUR OWN? Do you know what is in your water and in your food? Do you know where your power comes from?
Can you rely on yourself for food, water, power supply? How much do you rely on others and society?

Isn't ironic that we eat food, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and we all know it does harm to us but we still keep on doing it. And when we get sick and old we rely on our health insurance to "fix this problem"?
How about eating healthy and being aware of what we put inside of our bodies?

How far away is nature really from us and our way of thinking? How many trees can you identify, and what do you know about the change of the seasons, about the function and purpose of so called "Pests" in nature?
Do not fool yourself. Think for yourself. Do not come up with the arguments of another organization such as the vegan or vegetarian movement and yet another modern ideology. Think for yourself. How much do you know?
Can you interpret the old myths of our ancestors?

A lot of people in Europe still think that the european tribes once really believed in Gods with a Hammer such as Thor, and Gnomes that we real and physical like you and me. Nothing, nothing could be further from the truth, but still they have been taught to believe that. They were archetypes and a myth. People did not worship them like real physical gods. They were seen as either forces and powers in nature that we have been given a name and a face in order to grasp the function behind it (such as Thor for Thunder, Loki for Lightning) or role models, a deeper truth that we as human individuals have to become and live up to in order to grasp the meaning behind it. We have to become that which is described in the myth.

We have been taught many things. But we have not been taught to think freely and on our own. And especially not the skills and knowledge to be able to live in our own.
Once we would do it, we would experience the unity again. The bond and connection to nature and the seasons, a bond to the soil and the plants, herbs and animals. We would live with the seasons again. We would start to see the connections in nature again, how everything is interacting with each other, and nothing is removed or cut off from it as long as we do not choose to.

Mobile Phones and digital worlds have become more real and comforting to us than the serene silence of the forest and the smell of our own garden.

It is perhaps time to let nature back in to our lives and our hearts and become less dependent but more responsible individuals.

And perhaps, we would become healthier, more stable, balanced and happier again. And then, we can help others to achieve that, too.

All of these reasons are the reason why I have chosen this way of life and my goal of establishing my very own hobby farm on my own property.
And perhaps all these reasons are the reason why for you, too.