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Pagan Remnants... Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice... a few may think this is just made up pagan new age "stuff". But in fact, it is the oldest pagan ritual of all times, and is to be found in every single mythology throughout the entire world.

People become fed up with the group pressure of buying presents and gifts, spending thousands of dollars, being false and pretending as if you love and care for people you actually do not like, people are pressed and and everyone is pushing themselves to fulfill this role, in hope to not disappoint family and loved ones.

Winter Solstice is the longest winter night and the dark, cold and harsh Rauhnaechte are upon us. The force and energy of the sun, the bringer of all life and fertility, becomes reawakened. It is a time of renewal. A time of an end but also a time of resurrection, the birth of the Sun, ... bringing back new life, light and fertility within nature and the human soul.

As Baldur, the solar deity, descents into the Realm of Death and the Underworld, life within nature slowly withers away... the summers season has come to an end, the days become shorter, the nights become colder, ...
In pagan spirituality, we are part of nature and nature is us. It is one divine soul and mind. There is no savior, no god to be followed. We are god, you are god, the trees are god, the mushrooms are god. We are all part of the divine spark. A divine spark that strives for evolution, growth

Birth / Transformation / Rebirth / Ascension.

But Baldur does not die within the Underworld, ... he comes back. The Sun descents and becomes weak during late autumn... in the darkest of winter nights and before the Rauhnaechte, the Sun is almost gone in the northern hemisphere, everyone who has been to Canada or northern Scandinavia knows what I am talking about.

Yet around this holy date, the Sun Solstice, Baldur's Ascension is here. The days will become longer again... the Sun will come back, will rise again... until we reach spring and the seeds of new life start to grow... within nature, the animals, the plants... and within the human soul.
During Autumn you may see signs of fertility... the signs of our pagan roots and spirituality.
The fir tree is connected to Saturn and it is to be said that the ancient God Saturn is connected to the image of Santa Klaus, for he comes during the darkest winter nights, bringing us apples and nuts, seeds of fertility... he is the keeper of the Threshold... the keeper of wisdom.

The evergreen fir tree does not die during the dark winter nights, as the God of the Sun, does not die.
The Birch tree does grow even in the harshest, and coldest regions in northern europe, where the soil is poor and does not contain many nutrients, yet the bark of the birch tree is bright and does shine like a lantern, when its cold and dark.

There are many names and symbols and masks that surround this old myth.
But if you are able to get away from the TV screen, mobile phones, group pressure, you will find that spark of nature within yourself.
Plug yourself out, and plug yourself into the seasons and cycles of nature.

You don't need a bible, and you don't need a book, you don't even need to follow a certain belief.
Just know that;
You are nature and what is happening right now is the resurrection of what we are part of and depend on.