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The Otherworlds

In almost every singe shamanic tradition and culture, there is one major goal and skill that is required to achieve knowledge and wisdom. That skill is not necessarily related to reading as many books as possible, believing what other authors, gurus and teachers tell you to believe in, or wearing hundreds of occult symbols.

It is, however, related to the practice of “witchcraft” or “magic”, I myself personally am not really fond of these terms, because they are just words and if you seriously consider to revive pagan wisdom and knowledge, you will have to go far beyond those words, symbols and terms. They are most of the time misleading, a misrepresentation or just a cultural attempt to grasp that what shamans have experienced all around the world. I am not a big fan of reading thousands of occult books, or running after religious Organizations in order to find answers. You, I, we all have to find these answers on our own terms.

It is the ability to open your mind, your consciousness and your inner senses for realities, dimensions and forces that are within us and in nature. To re-connect to these realities, and to be able to interact within them, is the goal. For there we can come in close contact with that which lies beyond the human Ego, manmade ideologies, belief-systems, dualisms of good and evil, and so on. That is why shamans had to go through initiation-rites. What you might experience, could be utterly destructive to your former belief-systems and religious worldviews.

One of these realities is, of course, the so called realm of the spirits, a realm beneath our world. The realm of the ancestors, spirits, guardians, and all the mythological entities that do exist all around the world in ever single tribe. It is there, where life is born and created, but also destroyed in order to reconstruct, improve and bringing forth growth, evolution and ascension of life and life forms in general.

It is there, where all dimensions crush into the void, but in a lot of myths you can learn, that this void is actually filling every single cell in the universe. the void of nothingness and everything at the same time. A place where the spirit can go to in order to re-connect to its old roots and ancestors, but also a place where you will have to meet your inner struggles face to face, until you find understanding… then you can go on to the next level of understanding and wisdom, a higher level of consciousness, of Ascension.

If you are familiar with Odin’s self-sacrifice, you will find a lot of similarities here and in other myths as well.

Hel, or Frau Holle, is not a diabolic devil, however, she is like a recycler, she knows that destruction is necessary for change and growth, for improvement of life in general.

How would be ever learn something, if we would never have to face any real struggles in life?

They will make us understand ourselves more often than not. They will make us understand where we are at, both in our lives situation and our own inner journey.

Reviving the pagan spark within the human soul means to go back and reconnect…. living off the land, living on your own property, and growing your own food, hunting and gathering herbs, berries, meats, it means smelling your chopped wood in a cold winters night, it means trusting your own inner instinct and your own inner voice, and then, and only then, it will lead you to yourself and to your very own answers. At some point, it might take your somewhere unknown, foreign… your own journey begins. What you have been taught is your knowledge, it is true knowledge, because it is yours, yours alone.