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How jewelry expresses your individuality

"You can be a blank canvas, but that piece of jewelry you wear says it all..."

Let me first start of by saying that the jewelry I make is for extremely particular people who are into Paganism, Vikings, Norse Mythology, Runes and the list goes on. It certainly isn't for someone wanting the latest trends or styles. It's for people who want to express what's on the inside, on the outside.


I hate placing labels on things or people, but you know what? It is simply impossible not to. But expanding on that would take an entire article on its own.

So let's get into the topic of how jewelry expresses yourself...
Every aspect of yourself, as you know it in this current moment is just begging to be expressed in any way that it can. It can come out through art, photography, the way you dress, how you do your hair or makeup, the music you listen to, even the car you drive (if money is of no concern).
Your individuality is seeping out of every interaction you have with people or things in this world. You don't feel comfortable around things that you don't resonate with, you surround yourself with the things that make you feel good. You would never wear those shoes, or that hat, or that shirt.
Sounds juvenile, doesn't it? Like life is some huge fashion statement?

But it's not.


Now some can argue with me here, but I personally believe we are here, in this world and in this life, to find out who we are and to express that in any way we can. There are things that utterly disgust us, and others that attract us like magnets. Why is that?


Well, only you can answer that question. Have you ever looked back at the person you once were and wondered what in the hell were you thinking? That's the you of today who can't understand the you from years ago, because you have grown and evolved into something different. 
So lets get back to the real topic here, where does jewelry fit into all of this?
Well now! I know very well how biased I am when saying this, but jewelry is so much better at expressing yourself with clothes or anything else! Why? Because jewelry is more intimate, it can say SO much with so little. It's enigmatic, it provokes thought or images about who we really are. For being so small in comparison to everything else we use to express ourselves, it sure as hell says so much.
Now first I want to say, again, that I do NOT like labels and stereotypes, but we know damn well where we fit in and who we are, even how we feel by the clothes we wear, you simply cannot get away from that.

That single, tiny piece of jewelry can say everything about who you are, without anything else.

That's pretty powerful, isn't it?
Now some, if not most of you are probably thinking, "I don't wear clothes to fit in, I wear and think and do what I want because it's who I am".
You're right! But my point is, you can be a blank canvas. But that piece of jewelry you wear says it all.
Your soul YEARNS to express itself, however big or small and you just cannot deny that. It's not about impressing people, not about fitting in. It's about feeling "right" in your own skin. It's about looking down at your hand and seeing that ring and thinking...

"this makes me feel good".

And that's all we really want, right? To feel good? To continue to find ways to feel good?


          Why not comment below and tell us all the things that you use to express yourself?


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  • Sarah

    Ah, these are the words I’ve been looking for. And a reminder of my burning desire to express myself. & Im gonna go paint now after not having painted in weeks.

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