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Business Plan Journal


Right Brain Reflection

1. What has worked in my business to date?

tumblr blog gives tremendous exposure but not sure if it's actually giving me sales. I get likes and favorites no matter where I post my jewelry, but I really do not see it generating the sales I'd like to see. I don't even know what has made the business really work up until now. Rituals! But aside from that I assume my SEO is really good as that does bring traffic. Exposure on etsy is wonderful.

I received positive feedback on the packaging and jewelry boxes.

2. What approaches have been successful?

I think integrating with people via social networks. As said, Tumblr gives the most feedback, but people only like or reblog. I do not get that much traffic. Instagram works just as well, but looks more like a portfolio of my work and many more people are on there. I have also been approached for custom work twice, although no one has actually gone through with it. deviantART allows me to show my work in groups to those of like mind but I feel like I'm selling girl scout cookies to girl scouts.

When I post "In the making" photo sets I believe it really engages people. I need to make videos and more photo sets and find different avenues for sharing.

3. What approached have been unsuccessful?

Paid advertising has not done anything! Not even on a Pagan social network. I have not tried google adwords yet. Facebook brought a lot of likes to my page but no sales. It costs too much money to pay for likes.

3. What are my natural gifts?

Product photography, jewelry making, SEO, finding target audience, making sale pictures, branding and website design, innovative ideas, trial and error, learning.

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The BIG Picture

What do I define as success?


Models as a work of art, my jewelry to accompany photo shoots that inspire, evoke fantasy and nature within, self expression. ULTIMATE GOAL.

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Websites I perceive as being successfull

What are they doing I am not?

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Moonlight Mysteries

  • Attractive homepage. Collections and products, vibrant colors. Descriptions with collection images.
  • Advertises on banner flat rate shipping
  • Privacy policy
  • Top bar shows jewelry type with subcategory as "pentacle" etc...
  • each pages displays a product type with a great photo and caption
  • footer right shows social icons and payment methods
  • footer left shows subscribe box
  • home page loads faster

What I have but they don't

  • testimonials
  • about me section
  • rune article
  • social sharing buttons
  • my jewelry is handcrafted
  • payment plans
  • link to blog
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Rock Love Jewelry

  • slider showing collections as well as side bar collections
  • 3 featured products on homepage
  • stunning photography, has professional models
  • extensive policies page
  • has celebrities wearing her jewelry, featured in magazines, high following
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