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Regarding Rune Jewelry

…Or in other words, a disclaimer!

After a few experiences I have had crafting Runic jewelry for people, I have noticed  a trend…

First off, I shall use myself as an example here. Yes, I do make Runic jewelry, I love it, it is extremely powerful and I have some unexplainable bond in crafting these items. Any piece I have created for myself, was not crafted without first feeling that it was right. An intuition. And only then, do I make any piece for myself and wear it. And if at any time I feel I should not wear it anymore, I don’t! This applies to ALL jewelry, and here is where I will explain WHY.

Any piece of jewelry I have ever owned, I wear religiously. I never take it off, it becomes an extension of myself. Not only a reflection of my soul and identity, but also characteristics I want to bring into my life at the time. It took me a long time, and lots of rings, necklaces, etc,  endured complete destruction or somehow removed themselves from my life, for me to figure this out! I’ve watched a  gorgeous ring completely ripped off my finger during a completely freak, non-everyday life incident, I’ve have necklaces seem to just disappear and never return. And one morning when I was in my late teens or early twenties, I was in a daze, took some scissors and cut off a necklace I made that I had worn for years. My mother had seen this and thought I had lost my mind. My only response, “It’s time…”

And one more example of my own before I move into Runes. Years and years ago, I had a dream of a Griffin necklace. The VERY next day, I saw this necklace in a store and knew it was mine. I wore this necklace for years as well. Never taking it off. And during that time,  I had an encounter with a Griffin in dreams. Very beautiful, but personal so I leave it at that. This necklace, too, was only meant for me for a short while. This one disappeared also. BUT, it recently came back to me. But it was not the same necklace, it was a gift. Some of you may know, my jewelry shop used to be named Wagon of Wonders. I changed the name because I felt The Wicked Griffin suited it more. And before I did this, a friend of mine had purchased this necklace for me as a gift which I had not received until after The Wicked Griffin went full force. Crazy, yes? What I am getting at with this experience, is that even though a piece of jewelry is not meant to be worn anymore at a point in your life, it does NOT mean you won’t at another time in your life. This time, I hope my Griffin stays with me! Although I do not wear it everyday, it hangs proudly on my wall, as a reminder of my own artistic evolution.

Now, on to the Runes, finally…

Now, take everything I just said and apply it to Runic jewelry, but even more. Runes are not just an alphabet, they are powerful symbols. Yes, you can translate words, thus giving the word or sentence more power. But you must not take this lightly. If you purchase, say, a lovers ring, and you give that ring to your sweetheart and they are untrue, do you really think they can have it? Do you really think the Runes will let this person have your gift? Certainly not!

Or, lets say you want a personal inscription, or even just 1 Rune. Are you ready for it? Do you really feel inside your core that you should have it? Or, do you want it just for aesthetic value? Because I can tell you now, Runes are NOT a fashion statement. They are not made so that you can “fit in”. Yes, I take absolute pride, and with FULL love in crafting my pieces. I put every ounce of my skill and passion into creating a piece for you, so that you may have the best possible representation of how you FEEL and what it is that you want to attract into your life in a beautiful and artistic way. But NO amount of my skill, passion or love is going to protect that piece of jewelry from destruction or disappearance if you are not ready for it, not meant to have it (yet). Please understand this!

I’ll use this as an example. I had a guy requesting a custom order. He told me the Runes he wanted, also wanted a stone on this ring. I tried 6 times to craft this ring and it just would NOT work. I have never had problems like this, ever. It didn’t matter which way I went about it, no approach worked. It’s like after every time I tried again, something else would happen. After speaking with a couple other people about this, they all thought the same. This guy was NOT meant to have this ring. So, not only did he not get what he “wanted”, but I lost time and resources!

So to end this, PLEASE put some serious thought into any piece of Runic jewelry I have to offer, any custom items you would like from me. If there is ANY part of you that just wants it because it’s pretty or it looks cool, or if you think it will draw more attention to you, please do not buy it. It will not end well. But if you know in your heart, your mind and your body that it is yours, please take it home! It WILL serve you well!