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What are Runes


Runes have been found carved in stones and ornaments throughout parts of Scandinavia and Germany. Many mysteries surround them and to explain their origins and meanings, one has to dig deeper - and take a step over the edge and explore their realms for real.

Runes had a lot of meanings to the people of Germanic tribes. They had esoteric meanings such as the alphabet and every single Rune had a connection to the powers of nature described through the symbolism of the Runes. Take Algiz as an example, deriving from the Swedish word, "Älg", which is a moose. It describes the protective powers of the Rune expressed by a power and entity that can be found in nature and around us. Runes are more than letters of an alternative alphabet. Runes are more than the northern version of the alphabet.

Runes are powers that do exist in our realm and that can be found in nature and also outside of this realm, outside of this reality. They are forces that keep the world together. The process of creation out of nothing. The cycles of nature and the seasons. The powers of birth and death and transformation as well as human interaction and emotions. Runes are powerful. They are powerful keys to the northern spirituality, thus bringing us closer to our ancestors and their spirituality. They are forces and powers in nature, of creation, transformation and destruction. Yes, indeed, Runes can be destructive. But that is not because they are evil. There is no such thing as good and evil as a dual opposition in northern spirituality. They can be because destruction and the likes are sometimes necessary to create, to transform, to come back into life and full force. Just look around and you will see that this happens everywhere in nature.

The word "Rune" derives from the old Norse and Germanic word for "secret" or "secret whisper" ("Raunen" in German language). There are different types of Rune Systems and they also have changed throuought the history. Due to the destructive power of Judeo-Christian monotheism taking over the northern countries, thus estinquishing all ancient knowledge almost completely. What is left is merely influenced by christianity aswell. By reading the Edda and researching its history you will see that even this book was already heavily inspired by christianity. Turning Loki into a devil-like figure and so on.

Runes do have different dimensions, the outer and the inner powers, esoteric meaning such as the letter of the Runich 24er alphabet Futhark, and the esoteric, inner meaning that also can be found in the much discussed Uthark-Theory. But in order to really grasp the meaning, you have to work with them and let them transform your life and existence. Let them transform your life, let them show you the different realms and layers of reality. The multi-layered existence and the different dimensions that constantly interact with us and nature in a perfect symbiosis.

 Stay tuned for all 24 Rune meanings are being written