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Rune Aett Earrings - TWG663489

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Handcrafted Rune earrings featuring your choice of Runes or Runic Aettir. Available in both aluminum and fine silver.

Each Aettir has both an esoteric and exoteric meaning for the practitioner of Runosophy. In Germanic Paganism the Runes were divided into Aettir. With the division, the Runes were associated with certain powers and forces in nature and the mind, and those powers and forcers were represented by the Archetypes of the Norse Gods.

You may also choose 1-8 Runes of your choice by filling out the text box above. Please note that you still have to choose an Aettir, but do not worry, your custom Runes will be used.

Freya: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz, Gebo and Wunjo.

Freya's Aett does have opposite forces that are necessary for creation, birth and thus of essential importance to the old pagan Farmers. The Aett is a initiation system to the practitioner, opening up the pathways into the Otherworlds by internalizing each force of the Runes, becoming one with them.

This can be more understood by studying the Uthark initiation System of Sigurd Agrell. The Aett and its forces are not linear in time, but cyclic, they are inter connected and demand each other for a prefect dance of life, death, creation itself and the human soul and mind as a connected part of the divine.

Heimdall: Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa, Jera, Eihwaz, Perthro, Algiz and Sowilo.

Heimdall is a vigilant and patient watcher. In old germanic folklore the wild weed Stinging Nettle was connected and honored to him, as a watcher and guardian, an initiator. It has been believed that by touching the stinging nettle and getting stung by it, you may gain access to the vigilant watchful mind of Heimdall himself. 

His forces and powers are connected to the soil and the earth, as it was believed that he has been born out of the sea. For it is him who guards the bridge to Asgard and the divine, Bifrost, he is both guardian, watcher and initiator. 

Tyr: Tiwaz, Berkano, Ehwaz, Mannaz, Laguz, Inguz, Dagaz and Othala.

Tyr was the head of the Germanic Paganism. He was a sky god whose roots reach back to the Bronze Age. The Runes in his Aett are connected to justice, victory and protection, making Tyr's power that of a powerful sky god who is a protector and has powers against evil and death. 

Tyr was far more powerful, known and important in the region of today's Germany as a God than Odin or Wotan. Tyr was amongst the old norse Gods whose forces protect us.